The real American horror story behind the Night Stalker Murders

Now that several victims could describe him, Ramirez’s sketches were everywhere. When police intercepted a fingerprint in the abandoned stolen car described by the Romeros, it was a match for Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, a 25-year-old Texas drifter with a long rap sheet for drugs, car theft, and other crimes.

“We know who you are now, and soon everyone else will. There will be nowhere to hide,” police told reporters at a press conference.

The manhunt – finally for a man with a face made of flesh and blood – was on.

The younger James Romero, who remembered the police coming back a week after he and his father chased away the stray and wanted to know every detail about that night, told the story Los Angeles Magazine In 2017, he didn’t know what they were so interested in at first.

“It was on the news,” he said. “My parents said a serial killer attacked a house here in Mission Viejo. My mother said, ‘You think this may be the same person.’ That’s when I found out there was a serial killer named Night Stalker. “James III. Said they were all “pretty freaked out” without knowing if the killer was planning to return. “I think my father even brought out a gun that he was always locked in with.”

And when the night stalker was discovered on August 31, the frightened people in Los Angeles refused to let him go. Ramirez walked into an East LA grocery store and didn’t notice his mug shot was on the front page of the newspapers. When Philip reported Carlo in his book, he noticed a group of women mumbling softly to each other about “el matador” (the murderer), whereupon he ran out of the store and ran about the highway, trying to steal a woman.

A group of onlookers started after him and soon caught up with him after further attempts to steal a car failed. And when they surrounded him, they beat Ramirez until the police came to arrest him.

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