The Secret Service daughter goes viral on TikTok sharing tips her dad gives her to keep herself safe

A woman on TikTok shared safety tips for women that her dad taught her over the years from the secret service agent, which saved her life.

Lauren Bell, a Pennsylvania boutique owner, recently saw a video about a stalking incident that went viral after offering advice from her father, including tips on how to tell if someone is following you .

In the viral video, she revealed that her father had taught her “to question everything, to question everyone,” which resulted in her being vigilant at all times and noticing a man following her in a store when she saw him three times at the same time noticed business.

“I just turn around and stare at him,” she said, noting that she noticed an eagle tattoo on the man’s body.

“I make eye contact with him. And one of the things my father taught me was that clothes can be removed, hair can be changed, but birthmarks and tattoos are always permanent.”

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She said she was trying to buy time at first, but the man reappeared when she walked into the parking lot and started talking to her.

“He’s like, ‘Hey, I have an opportunity for you where you can make a ton of money. Why don’t you come to my car? I have a flyer in my car right now,” she said in the video.

What made her worried was that there weren’t many people in the parking lot. She said moving into her own car enabled him to find her address from the license plate.

Instead, she was preparing to “make a scene” to alert people around her. However, when she noticed that another car was parked, she went to the driver for help, which intimidated the alleged stalker and made him “run away like a madman”.

“It just goes to show people, things like that can happen anywhere, any place, any time of day. This was a Sunday, 4:45 pm, very close to home, and thank God I was aware of it.”

She also shared a video of her father’s quotes as part of a popular trend where users post quotes from their loved ones and present them like inspirational quotes on scenic backgrounds.

Her father’s advice in one quote reads: “Never turn your back to the door.”

Mace, he says, “is meant to be held in your hand, not in your purse” – since it would be completely useless if it couldn’t be reached quickly enough.

He also told her to only “order bottled drinks” because “they are harder to drug”.

“Nobody in Miami is your friend,” says one quote. “Nothing good comes after 11 p.m.,” says another. “Never go jogging before 8 a.m.”

In another clip, Ms. Bell says if you suspect a car is following you, turn right four times.

“If you’re making four right turns, you’ve essentially just run or driven in one complete circle. So if someone was actually going to a destination and not following you, they wouldn’t be forming circles, ”she explains, which makes it easier to tell the police that someone is actually following you.

“When I was growing up, my father always bored into my head – you always know where you are, you know your surroundings,” she said.

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