The Vessel in New York is reopening, focusing on suicide prevention after three young adults took their own lives there

The climbable, 150-foot-tall staircase, known as the “Vessel,” located at Hudson Yards in Manhattan, closed for visitors in January after a 21-year-old man wanted for questioning in a deadly stabbing in Texas jumped to his death from the structure, according to CNN affiliate WABC. The man was the third person in 15 months to take their own life there, WABC said.

The Vessel will reopen with new safety measures in place, such as increased security, and buddy system and mental health resources signage.

Hudson Yards is also tripling the staff and security and “installing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline signage and messaging developed in partnership with Born This Way, an organization committed to supporting the wellness of young people, at the entrance to the attraction and on all Vessel tickets,” the statement said.

So if you’re thinking about going alone, grab a friend to accompany you. Visitors won’t be able to explore solo, according to the new regulations.

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The “Vessel is made extraordinary by the people who visit, and by experiencing it with others,” a Hudson Yards spokesperson told CNN Wednesday.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday at noon and each ticket will show the following message:

“Vessel is made extraordinary by the people who visit, and by experiencing it with others. Each of you matter to us, and to so many others. We have partnered with our friends at Born This Way Foundation to spread the message of the role we each play in building a kinder world.”

Tickets during the first hour every day will continue to be free and so will for children under 5. After the first hour, tickets will cost $10 per person.

Hudson Yards says ticket sales will go directly toward covering safety enhancements like a bigger staff and security, along with staff training.

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