The woman shares a tip that she learned from the police officer’s father and that saved her from a “hotel attack”

A Canadian woman shared a TikTok safety tip that may have saved her during “the scariest experience of her life” a few years ago.

Josie Bowers, 19, a former Cerleten University student, said in a series of TikTok videos when she was 15 years old and her family was on vacation in Maryland, someone tried to get into her hotel room at the Hilton Ocean City Oceanfront Suites to get.

In a clip shared on Sunday, she described the 2017 incident as saying, “I was in Ocean City, at the Hilton, right on the water, and I took a shower like the rest of my family down on the beach. I was alone.”

“Before I could take a shower, I heard these noises. I went to see what it was and it was this invention. I just stood there in my towel and this man opened the door. “

She also attached a clip of the type of device she claimed was used to open the door. This resembles a long piece of wire with a hook on one end and says, “Always use the latch !! The scariest experience of my life. “

Ms. Bowers said she was scared when she was alone, wearing only a towel while the intruder tried to break into her room.

“My main idea was sacred. I’m in a towel right now and someone is about to break in and get me. So the door opens a crack and I just slammed it shut again. And put the latch on. “

Ms. Bowers said the person on the other side of the door claimed to be “Services” and said they came to “fix the door”.

“Not very sketchy for me,” she said.

“So they tell me your key card is broken and we need to go into the room and fix your keyboard for you. And so I open the door a bit to see if it was a worker. It was clearly not, they were wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Hilton thinks it’s pretty classy, ​​not the clothes. “

She then shared what she thought had saved her life.

“So I think I’m very smart for this one, my stepdad is a cop, he taught me never to let people know you were alone,” she said. “I screamed, ‘Hey Dad, there’s someone here to fix the door.'” As soon as they thought I wasn’t alone and maybe my father was there. They ran, they were gone. “

She also responded to comments on her story where people asked why she didn’t call the police or take the device, saying she didn’t have enough time to deal with the situation.

“I didn’t have time to process anything, but my main thought was that I was in a towel. I am literally naked and they have guns. If I stop them, will they get angry and hurt me? I wasn’t really sure of the situation. I was only 15 years old. I wasn’t thinking that fast, ”she said.

“I didn’t have time to call the police either. I was around 15 years old at the time, ”she said, adding that she had no cell phone service.

Ms. Bowers said she wanted to share her story to help spread safety awareness and urged people to always use the latch in hotel or college dormitories.

“I’m glad I had this experience so I can teach people about it. Of course I’m safe, but it could have been a lot worse. Be sure you can get doorstops, always put the latch on. “

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