This hair dryer brush has over 249,400 five-star Amazon reviews

What reviewers say:

“I have 4 children (so not much time) and I like the persistently wavy / curly and long hair of 7 people on my head. It’s a huge pain and takes a lot of time. Except today, when I tried it! Incredibly easy and me didn’t even have to rework it with a straightening iron! Dry in record time and naturally looks straight. “

“I waited a month before using it to check it out … still as in love as it was the first day. My hair is naturally wavy and I let it air dry halfway before I do that Use dryer / straightener. It does a perfect job and makes my hair super soft / silky. I say one hundred percent ‘BUY!’ I want you to stand by the fence. This thing is awesome and cut my prep time in half! “

“I don’t have big reviews, but this blow dryer deserves my post and hopefully I can help a busy mom out there find the only styling tool she can live with. I was so nervous about this dryer for my frizzy locks.” but I was sooo pleasantly surprised. The blow-drying time for my curls has increased from 35-40 minutes to around 20 minutes. “

“I have super curly, thick, often frizzy hair (thanks, Dad!) That’s about halfway down my back. This cuts my drying / styling time by significantly less than half what you get with a regular blow dryer and one Round brush needs. And best of all, of all of my hair, it looks like I’ve spent a ton of time / money on it. Smooth, shiny, and not frizzy at all. “

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