Thousands of sea turtles immobilized in Texas by brutal winter storm

T.The winter storm that hit Texas this week, leaving millions without electricity or running water and more than a dozen dead, is also harming animals. How The Washington Post The dramatic drop in temperature reportedly affected countless endangered green sea turtles from the Texas Gulf Coast coma. The cold-blooded animals need water temperatures above 10 ┬░ C. maintain normal body function. The unusually cold temperatures caused by the storm slowed their heart rate significantly and they could not swim.

Since Sunday (February 14), volunteers from Sea Turtle, Inc, a conservation and rescue group on South Padre Island, have relocated thousands of the cold-stunned animals to a nearby convention center. With small pools and tarpaulins, the crew works to gradually increase the body temperature of the animals, which is made much more difficult by the lack of electricity. Yesterday (Feb.17), Wendy Knight, General Manager of Sea Turtle, Inc. announced that SpaceX is providing a commercial generator that will allow the turtles to receive heat and filtered water.

The group wants to release the turtles once the water is warm enough to do so safely. It is too early to say how many of the sea turtles will succumb to the effects of the cold.

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