TI and Tiny are being investigated for alleged sexual assault against women

According to the report, the alleged victim alleged that TI forced her to ride with him on his tour bus to Los Angeles and to have sex with her against her will. She claimed TI took her ID away the next day and forced her to go to Miami, where she had sex with several women without her consent.

Back in March, Tyrone A. Blackburn held a press conference calling for TI and Tiny to be investigated.

“The criminal allegations extend over 15 years of methodical, sadistic abuse of women in various locations around the country,” the lawyer said at the time. “This matter is ongoing and I suspect it will evolve over time as more people get in touch.”

During the press conference, Tyrone described allegations made by six anonymous women over alleged incidents between 2005 and 2018. The allegations against TI, Tiny and their staff included allegations of substance abuse and sexual assault, including rape.

According to letters from Tyrone to the California and Georgia Attorneys General, E! News, the lawyer is representing 11 people – 10 women and one man – who have made allegations against the star.

In January one of the 11 people Sabrina Petersonclaimed TI had previously put a gun to her head. She did not disclose when the alleged incident occurred.

Sabrina also posted a series of DM screenshots of more than a dozen anonymous women accusing “Whatever You Like” and Tiny of sexual abuse.

At the time, the TI representative denied these allegations, telling E! News in a statement: “Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and, most importantly, want the public to know that they strongly deny the egregiously appalling allegations Sabrina Peterson made against them. The Harrises have been in trouble.” with this woman for well over a decade. They take this matter very seriously and if these allegations don’t end they will take appropriate legal action. “

In February, a spokesman for MTV Entertainment told NBC News that the couple was producing the couple’s non-written series TI & Tiny: Friends and family hectic had been suspended in light of the allegations.

“Given the gravity of the allegations, we have decided to stop production for more information,” the statement said.

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