TikTok inspired the creation of this unique self-tanner product

Founder of the Isle of Paradise Jules from Hep shared some tanning tips from the experts to get the most out of the brand’s latest product.
Before applying
Make sure you put a towel on the floor to stand on when you apply it.
• Wet your hands, elbows, knees and feet to avoid unwanted product build-up (these areas are usually drier so that they can more easily pick up the product).
• Apply lip balm to nails / cuticles.
• Wear a shower cap to keep the self-tanning water from getting into your hair.

During the application
• Always keep the Mister at least 6 inches from your body and move at a steady pace to ensure even coverage.
• When spraying your face, spray in three sections in vertical motions (left, middle, and right sides of the face).
• To create an even transition from face to neck, tilt your head back and spray diagonally over the neck area.

Post application
• Polish the back of your wrists by rubbing them with a towel.
• Make sure the water on your skin has dried before putting your clothes back on.

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