Timeline: Highlights of Biden’s experience with Putin and other Russian leaders

With the exception of SALT-I, he played major and minor roles in each of the most consequential arms treaties between the two nuclear powers over the past 50 years. He previously met with Russian President Vladimir Putin when Biden was vice president and Putin was prime minister.

This time, however, Biden will meet with Putin as an equal rather than as another president’s envoy. This week will be the first major test of how well Biden’s extensive background serves him at a particularly low point in US-Russia relations amid cyberattacks emanating from Russia and the treatment of opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

What do Biden’s previous years of Russian experience tell us about his approach today? As both a senator and vice president, he was frequently dispatched to Russia as a diplomatic closer. While not always successful, he has played a leading role in shaping US foreign policy, especially with the expansion of NATO and the negotiation and ratification of arms treaties.

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