Trump says the Covid vaccine should be called “Trumpcine” as it brags about how it handles pandemics

Donald Trump has claimed that the Covid vaccine was reportedly supposed to be labeled “Trumpcine” at a Republican Party donor dinner at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The former president is also said to have dismissed Joe Biden’s election victory as a “bull ****”, described Senate Chairman Mitch McConnell as the “stupid son of ab ****” and expressed his “disappointment” with Vice President Mike Pence have for the lack of “courage” to block the votes of the electoral college in an open, hour-long speech.

Hundreds of GOP donors gathered at Mr. Trump’s Florida resort this weekend to discuss the future of the party. The Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach was fully booked for Republican National Committee (RNC) events, but Mr Trump reportedly refused to attend unless his private business benefited.

During his speech, Mr. Trump said the coronavirus vaccine should be called “Trumpcine” according to CNN and Washington Post Reporter. The former president launched Operation Warp Speed, a campaign to vaccinate the American people while in office and, according to his own admission, received the sting himself at the White House in January The New York Times.

During his speech, Mr. Trump bragged about his handling of the pandemic, praised Republican governors for keeping business open in their states, and described his former chief medical officer, Dr. Anthony Fauci as “full of crap,” said the participants The Washington Post.

Mr Trump also severely disparaged Mr Pence and Mr McConnell for allowing his January 6 election defeat to be confirmed. “If that were the case [Democrat senate majority leader Chuck Schumer] Instead of that stupid son of Mitch McConnell, they would never let it. They would have fought against it, ”he said The Washington Post. He also reportedly called his former ally “a cold loser”.

Speaking of his former Vice President, Mr. Trump reportedly said: “I wish Mike Pence had the courage to send him back to the legislature. I like him so much. I was so disappointed. “Mr Trump allegedly tried to pressure Mr Pence to reject the electoral college vote and to reverse the January election result even though he was not empowered to do so.

Mr Trump reportedly repeated false claims that he had won Georgia and Pennsylvania, and ridiculed the election result as “bull ****”. He added that most Democrats believe he won but do not admit it.

He also repeated a comment for which he was heavily criticized in 2016 that immigrants were “murderers, rapists and drug traffickers”.

“You are from the Middle East. They don’t send their best people. You have murderers, you have rapists, you have drug dealers, ”he said post.

Mr Trump did not discuss his future plans in detail in his speech, but instead focused on his years in office. He reportedly expressed confidence that a Republican would win the presidency in 2024, but did not say whether or not he would rule himself.

Mr Trump previously told Fox News that he would overturn such a decision until after the 2022 midterm elections.

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