Trump-themed boat parade thrown in Florida to replace Pirate Festival

Republicans in Florida held a “Trumparilla” parade in honor of the former president to protest the cancellation of an annual weekend pirate festival.

Tampa has hosted an annual pirate history celebration known as Gasparilla for more than 100 years. However, this year organizers announced that the event would be canceled due to the pandemic.

In protest of the decision, Donald Trump’s supporters held their own alternative celebration earlier this year, which they believed was “born from the ashes” of the original parade.

“Trumparilla is more than a boat parade, a rally or a party. Trumparilla is an American premiere of American exceptionalism, ”reads the event website.

The organizers have adopted the pirate theme of the original parade “just for fun,” according to their website.

“We believe that ‘breaking culture’ only exists for the weak and crouching, not for the real patriots,” says the Trumparilla page.

They added: “Unless, of course, you’re football [sic] or ice hockey team when the Tampa Mayor “granted” their boat parades. Ironically, no permit is required as boats travel on federal waterways. “

The Gasparilla Parade attracts hundreds of thousands of people annually as pearls and other trinkets are thrown from floats, some of which resemble pirate ships and fire cannons.

From April 16 to 18, the event of the Trump supporters in Florida took place in Florida, on which a skull logo with the distinctive yellow mullet of the former president is depicted.

“There was a boat parade for the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup. So why can’t there be another boat parade? So we started Trumparilla,” organizer Cliff Gephart told WTSP-TV earlier.

A brief schedule for the event included a MAGA pub crawl, boat parade, and MAGA rally, followed by MAGA Fast on the final final day of the celebration.

Videos and photos from the weekend showed a group of boats flying Trump flags and the festival’s emblem.

Those planning to attend the group’s competitive event or the group’s second parade in San Diego in June can even purchase a flag or T-shirt with an image of the skull on it.

Official sponsors of the event include the Conservative Grounds Coffee Shop, Patriot Grounds PAC Group and

Florida sees a surge in coronavirus infections as the country continues its vaccination rollout.

Over 2.17 million people have tested positive for the disease since the outbreak began, resulting in the deaths of nearly 35,000 people.

The independent one has asked Gasparilla for a comment.

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