Under Armor Flow Velociti Wind brings a new era of innovation to life

The UA Flow Velociti Wind has been tested for over 18,000 km and is the latest chapter in ongoing innovation.

Inspired by their stable of elite athletes, Under Armor constantly pursues the most innovative solutions to help them get better. In a sport where every second counts, the Under Armor team sought to create a lightweight yet supportive shoe that would be suitable for elite runners during their most strenuous workouts. The team focused on a simple idea: How can we develop a shoe that is built for speed and breaks barriers? Could they remove the heaviest part of the shoe – the outsole, without sacrificing durability or traction?

After three years, over 17 rounds of raw material tests, 9 rounds of biomechanical tests, 15 rounds of shoe tests and over 18,000 km of wear tests – they made it. Introducing the brand new UA Flow midsole.

UA Flow is a responsive, grippy and supportive single foam mixture that eliminates the rubber outsole and enables Under Armor to develop an innovative running shoe with high traction that is no longer comparable on the market today. UA Flow makes its debut in the running category with the UA Flow Velociti Wind, a high-performance running shoe offering.

The UA Flow Velociti Wind is designed and engineered to provide great responsiveness and energy return, grippy traction for safe running, and a groundbreaking, sophisticated top solution, UA Warp, that perfectly conforms to the human shape to unlock performance. The UA Flow Velociti Wind is designed for speed over longer distances and brings the wind to your back with every step.


UA Flow came from the minds of their Portland, Oregon footwear innovation team that worked with some of the world’s best materials scientists to bring a whole new footwear experience. They focused on the simple idea: how did you make it feel like the wind is on your back with every step you take? The solution: think outside the box by completely eliminating the traditional rubber outsole while providing comfort, flexibility and traction with every step. “The flow is smooth in the truest sense of the word. It’s a smooth experience running in the shoes. Going through the full gate cycle and foot strike is a gentle feeling. And it also feels slick in the sense that it lacks distraction. There is nothing that stands in the way of you and your state of fluidity. “- Tom Luedeche, creative

Director of Shoe Innovation.

The development of UA Flow was done in collaboration between Dow and the Under Armor team, including innovation, product design, biomechanics, athlete and consumer insights groups and many others – with over 50 employees collaborating on it are to make this new technology a reality. Over 130 elite athletes ran more than 18,000 km during the product wear test phase of the UA Flow development process.

UA Flow midsole technology made its debut in the basketball category with the introduction of Stephen Curry’s signature shoe, the Curry Flow 8, under its new namesake brand.

By working with the basketball legend, the performance team was able to use its findings across all categories and develop shoe solutions for elite basketball and runners.


UA Flow disrupts the design of a traditional running shoe by completely eliminating the rubber outsole and reducing the 2-3 ounce weight that is added on average to a traditional running shoe. UA Flow is the lightest midsole technology in UA’s current running range, bringing unparalleled lightweight cushion and durable technology to the running category.

The foam has inherently sticky traction, eliminating the need for traditional bulky coatings of the past. UA Flow debuts in the running category with the UA Flow Velociti Wind, a lightweight performance running shoe for runners looking for a neutral platform with a fast feel. At just 8.5 ounces (men’s size 9), this shoe is a solution for runners looking for speed and support in their pace workouts, fast-paced long runs, and longer road races.


UA Warp is a breakthrough upper that molds perfectly to the human shape to unlock performance. It has support straps that act like seat belts on the foot and are placed exactly where biomechanics found them most helpful to a runner. The ligaments are in tension when you need them and relax when you don’t. This avoids kinking and crushing points in conventional upper parts made of continuous materials.

The UA Warp upper then moves in unison with the foot, assisting it with every step to unlock performance by improving the efficiency of the foot-shoe interface with every step.

UA Warp locks you on the UA Flow midsole without interfering with the natural movement of the foot.

The UA Flow Velociti Wind helps runners grip the surface better and run safely with unparalleled traction. Flow’s rubber-free outsole offers higher traction than conventional compounds to better grip the surface. Even without a traditional outsole, wear testers found that UA Flow works in all conditions – from wet cement to uneven gravel to variable roads.

“UA Flow is another big leap forward for Under Armor – and it opens up the possibilities for future models and seasons,” said Josh Rracht, Under Armor vice president of Global Footwear. “In recent years, we have consciously and focused on our endeavors to build an authentic and credible running brand. The UA Flow Velociti Wind is real testament to our team’s dedication to developing solutions to make all runners better. “

Weight: men 9-8.5 ounces (214 g) / women 7-8.02 ounces (227 g)
Heel: 26mm
Forefoot: 18mm
Offset: 8mm

The UA Flow Velociti Wind will be launched worldwide on March 3, 2021 and will be available from March 10 in all Under Armor stores for AED 699 in the United Arab Emirates.

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