Violent Protests Erupt All Around The World Against COVID 19 Mandates

There have been protests, demonstrations and strikes around the world against national responses to the COVID-19 pandemic by governmental bodies. Some have protested financial hardship resulting from government measures to contain the virus, Protests against restrictions on people’s movements, compulsory wearing of face masks, lockdowns, vaccinations and other measures. The restrictions on travel and entertainment, hitting related industries and casual workers hard. 

The protests have varied in scale, motivations and type, with protesters drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and inspired by a range of reasons. One of the main drivers has been the economic distress brought about by businesses having to close for long periods, leading to widespread unemployment, especially of casual workers in the hospitality industry. Some believing that the COVID-19 is a hoax and that the governments COVID-19 vaccinations and restriction of citizens’ movements are part of a government plot to control people.

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