Watch Dwayne Johnson’s daughter accuse the spaghetti fairy.

Dwayne JohnsonThe little girl tells fairy tales and trolls dad … again!

On Sunday January 3rd, The Rock shared a video of a daughter on its Instagram page Tiana Johnson, 2, feigns innocence while standing in a kitchen surrounded by spaghetti noodles spilled on the floor.

“Tia, what just happened?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I don’t know, daddy.”

“Who made the mess back there? Was it the spaghetti fairy who came and just dropped everything on the floor?” Asked Dwayne. “Have you looked at the spaghetti fairy? What did she look like?”

Tiana replied, “A fairy.”

The Jumani and Moana The actor then asked who was going to clean up the mess, adding, “I’m pretty sure his name starts with D and ends with Y.”

As he spoke, Tiana casually dropped another pile of spaghetti noodles on the floor.

“She did it again!” she said and laughed at her father. “Then we have to clean it up.”

Dwayne later wrote, “If I ever find that ‘paghetti fairy’ who made all this mess, I’ll knock their wings off … Baby Tia heats up the ‘paghetti fairy’ as she slowly drops all of the spaghetti On the floor it said, “Did you do it again?” Is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. “

He added: “This is my child – unwavering in the moment of crisis #mrcleanupman”

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