Why Brendan Morais decided to end his romance with Tayshia Adams

“I think the biggest benefit for me was … I know I want a family, I know I want a wife and kids, but knowing and being completely ready was something I discovered – there was there is a little loophole, “he explained to the co-hosts. “There was a little gap that I had to close at some point and I have to find out for myself.”

Brendan added that leaving was not an easy decision to make. “I had this beautiful, amazing woman right in front of me and for some reason I still wrestle with today, I sabotaged the moment myself,” he said. “I’ve protected myself in a way, you know, I’ve protected myself from injury and as cheesy as it is, stupid as it sounds, I’ve been married before and I feel like it would be a disservice to Tayshia in an if I got engaged and fell to one knee and wasn’t complete, I was 100 percent ready. ”

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