Winners crowned at the Streetball Games as part of Dubai Fitness Challenge

Winners: The Mix streetball challenge was won by the Goats

Sports Mania UAE took part in organising the Streetball Games, skills challenge and 3 point contest at this year’s Dubai 30X30 Fitness Challenge, in collaboration with MVP Sport Services and under the supervision of Dubai Sports Council.

The games and challenges involved four different categories: Men’s, Above 40, Mixed and Filipino community within UAE.

Men’s winners: Desert Dawgz were crowned champions

The ‘Desert Dawgz’ were crowned champions in the men’s category, while the ‘Goats’ took the top spot in the mixed competition. The winners in the Above 40 category were ‘Brotown’ and the ‘Filippinas’ were victorious in the Phillippines competition.

In the individual competition, Kevin Faddoul won the open skills challenge and Beqa Goletiani won the 3-point shoot-out contest. Skills challenges and 3-point contests were held separately for three academies: Champs UAE, PSSA Academy, and Elite Pro Academy.

Victorious: The winners of the 3-point contest

Victorious: The winners of the 3-point contest

All participants showed good sportsmanship in what was a buzzing atmosphere. The prize ceremony concluded the event with the winners being presented with medals, trophies and cash prizes.

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